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Our custom blending capabilities make us an excellent partner to include in your business strategy.  We can provide blended ingredients to make a finished product ready for retail packaging, food service, or food manufacturing.  With an extensive library of spice formulations for all food types, our dedicated staff of experts in food technology can develop spice ingredients into savory unique blends.  We guarantee their consistency of taste, time-after-time.  And whether we create the flavor for you or use your unique formula, our years of experience are priceless.


No matter what the food application--rotisserie chicken seasoning, sausage seasoning, rib rub or a calamari flour blend--today’s flavor trends demand specific complex spice ingredients.  Southern Style uses only the highest quality, naturally flavorful spices from the same reliable sources each time, thereby making the robust taste of your food product assured.

        The ART of Custom Blending

Our solution to your custom spice blending needs offers several considerations.

 Innovation is our hallmark.

Whether it’s 25 lbs. or 5,000, our flexible custom blending capacity allows us to mix your proprietary blends in any quantity.  We customize your blends to meet batch-size quantity requirements, using calibrated electronic weighing equipment and high-tech ribbon blenders.


Security safeguards are built-in throughout our production system to protect your proprietary formula.

Because our spices & herbs are unadulterated, non-irradiated, with no dyes, no artificial colors and no MSG, we guarantee the purity of each blend.


You can choose blends from our standard line formulas, or your existing spice recipe can be brought to us for duplication.  Once we have created the exact right taste, we custom-manufacture your seasoning to exact specifications.  With every batch made, maintaining the same quality control, consistency and innovative production processes that are the hallmark of every Southern Style Spice product.

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