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You will always find the very best in spices, herbs, seasonings, and custom blending at Southern Style Spices. We’re committed to the customer co-packaging process, from customer inventory and storage, to communication and the quality finished products.

We are a name to be trusted.

At Southern Style Spices we stand ready to handle your product packaging, from savory spice to sweet products, all with a guaranteed assurance that no odor or cross-contamination of flavors will occur in production runs.  Direct control of the entire manufacturing process, from production to packaging, assures precise taste from every batch of product produced.

Customer's needs in mind.

When time is important, we are ready with quick turnaround in packaging design and production runs; at Southern Style, we always have our customers needs in mind.


We are market savvy, have over 25 years of experience and are so product knowledgeable that our spice solutions function effectively on grocery store shelves and meet the needs of restaurant kitchens.

Guaranteed Assurance.

Whether a product is ‘packaging ready’ or assistance is needed, we are known for developing packaging design with maximum impact. With an inner content of 1 ounce to 2,000 pounds or more, we can solve your packaging problems with appropriate options. PET jars, 50 pound bag-in-boxes, or retail chip board packages,  our team is committed to providing appropriate options with the service you can trust.

Package ready.

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