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Food Service

Building a strong partnership with customers by providing consistent on-time delivery service is, and always will be a Southern Style Spices priority. Our same-day packaging-fulfillment and shipping gives  total convenience, complete flexibility, and profit value to our customers.


‘Always in stock’ allows for immediate shipping to our customers all over North America. The wide range of flexible packaging options, including one pound jars, five pound jars, zip pouches and bulk boxes not only gives our food service customers the benefit of competitive prices, but the convenience of numerous packaging choices as well.

Southern Style Spices has become the leader, staying updated with the latest spice and seasoning trends that add distinction to any restaurant menu. Our customers will find a wide selection of gourmet ingredients, from sea salts to many varieties of specialty nuts.  Our fulfillment warehousing provides us room to stock many custom blends and unusual specialty items customers request.

Southern Style Spices is always open. Order anytime that is convenient, 7 days a week,               hours a day, via phone, fax, web-portal, or e-mail.

Once received, orders are immediately custom packed to your specifications, inspected by our trained staff, checked by Quality Control and made ready to ship the same day.

Depending on location, expect next-day deliveries to your receiving door, five days a week, Monday through Friday. Emergency rush deliveries on Saturday use our local delivery trucks or are shipped UPS ground anywhere in North America.


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