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With high-volume blending capacity, packaging choices and industrial-size quantities of spice ingredients, Southern Style Spices supplies customers with more than just a solution. We’re committed to their business goals and production requirements.  We excel by providing customers with customized dry products, from pallet-size bulk spices, to 5,000 lbs of custom-blended-batch runs.






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Southern Style Spices is

We can assure all our spices and seasonings are blended precisely as ordered, quality inspected by trained personnel and packaged to proper specifications, posing no food safety risk.  Because our spices are ‘import- direct’ from trusted global sources, we provide our customers not only safe products with price guarantees, but ‘peace of mind’.  Our customers recognize the benefits of fresh, non-irradiated spices at reduced costs, saving money by eliminating the middle-man.

With our advanced warehousing facilities, we are able to handle large-size spice inventories for our industrialized customers, and keep a strong supply-chain of product available on demand.  If needed, Southern Style Spices can make available 50 lbs to 10,000+ lbs. of any one product, at any given time.

Precision. Quality. Trusted.

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